New Blogging Website

Hi, I know a lot of you follow me here and I am late to announce it and bring it to your notice. I have bought a domain lifeandmusing and have launched my own blogging website. I will be blogging there now. The link to my new blogging website is Please do make a visit... Continue Reading →

Working from Home

This is a Guest Post on my blog by Novemberschild (Romila) Just like me if you work from home, you will be very familiar with how the two sides of your life can cross over one another. On one hand, you’re a writer/blogger/businesswoman/entrepreneur, running your work and plotting your future success. You stand in your... Continue Reading →

Old Blog Post Re-Sharing

Sharing this amazing Vampire Story again that I had written on my blog on one of the A to Z blogging challenge. Hope you will read if you missed it before and will like it. Click on the link below to read the story. Thank You!

He said Thank You!

12th May, Saturday. I was going college for my last lecture of the summer semester. My rickshaw stopped at the signal where I saw this little kid carrying fancy hair bands in his hand. He approached me and was asking me to buy. I nodded saying 'No' but then he kept on saying buy it,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Novemberschild-Romila

I got this wonderful chance to interview Romila mostly known as Novemberschild. I did a book review on her recent book on Haiku poems titled as My Midnight Musings. If you missed my yesterday's blog post and want to know more about Romila/ Novemberschild and her newly launched book I am leaving a link to... Continue Reading →

Book Review- My Midnight Musings

Book - Midnight Musings  Author/Poet- Romila  E-book format Genre- Haiku poems  About the book A haiku (high-koo) is a short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets about 400 years ago. They are often inspired by nature, a moment of beauty, or... Continue Reading →

Treat your body well

Self-love also means that you must treat your body well. I am trying to get into the healthy lifestyle. Though it is not easy, but who said life is easy? One must stay fit not just physically but mentally as well. Till now I only talked about how to keep yourself happy mentally, how to... Continue Reading →

Be your own super hero.

We always depend a lot on people around us. But we forget that everyone in this world is facing their own struggles. We are always expecting someone out there to help us and save us from our misery and become our superhero be it your parents, friends, siblings, life-partners etc. But then life teaches us... Continue Reading →

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